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Introducing our New Instructor: Eugene!

Introducing: Eugene

Eugene is an Alumni of NUS Dance Blast and NUS Raffles Hall's Dance Club. Over the years he has choreographed items for several NUS Dance Blast productions, such as Shut Up and Dance (SUAD) and NUS' EMCC, as well as for Dance Blast's team Blast To Glory (BTG) for Super24 in 2014.

Eugene came in 1st Runner-Up for RPresenting 2014, under Boys2Gents, and was also part of Chris Martin's showcase for Swaggout 4 earlier this year.

Check out some of his work below!

You can check out more choreography or dance videos on his social media platforms!
Youtube - H0Eugene
Instagram - eugeneeho

Eugene will be teaching our Urban Choreography open class every SUNDAY at 12pm!

Introducing our New Instructor: Swing!

Introducing: Swing (Siew Yin)

We'd like to welcome a new addition to our CJ Faculty! 

Siew Yin, known as Swing, entered Jitterbugs's Developing Artist Scholarship Program in 2011 where she trained extensively in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Hip hop from various local and overseas instructors. She has already been dancing professionally as an instructor and performer for 5 years. In June 2015, Swing was invited to China, Huangshi to conduct Hip Hop workshops for a local studio. 

Swing has also danced competitively for quite a few years and is an active participant in local and oversea street dance battles. Some of her achievements included Top 8 for Hip hop in Dance@Live Singapore 2014, Top 16 for Hip Hop and All Style for Style In Motion Malaysia 2014 and Champion for H20 Showcase Dance Competition 2014 as Streetbeatz. 

Follow her on her respective social media for updates, dance videos and more (:

Instagram: swing_91
Facebook: Siew Yin

Swing will be teaching a Hip Hop (Intro) open class every FRIDAY 730PM here at CJ! 

Celebrate SG50 with CJ

This year marks a very special milestone for Singapore, as we celebrate our nation's 50th year of independence. We're sure that every Singaporean has been caught up in all the excitement surrounding the celebration of Singapore's Jubilee year, and that includes all of us here at CJ!

So here's bringing to you 2 very special SG50 promotions for the month of AUGUST!

1. Specially for all NSFs / NS Men!

We would like to express our gratitude and offer our own small token of appreciation to all the NSFs and NS Men working hard to serve our country! 

* $50 only - NSFs / NSMen [SAFRA members]
* 15% discount - NSFs / NSMen [non-SAFRA members],

for ALL our Dance and Vocals Courses and/or Packages!

Please present your SAF 11B (or other forms of identification) for verification (:

Terms and Conditions:
- Not valid with other promotions
- Not valid for private classes
- Not valid after 31st August, 2015

2. A Little Something for our dearest CJ Students!

For any course* signed up for, 
you'll be able to get 5 Open Classes at only $50! (U.P $68)

*MV Courses, Open Class Packages, Vocal Classes, and Kids Classes included!

Terms and Conditions:
- Not valid with other promotions
- Not valid after 31st August 2015
- Promotion can be used for courses commencing after 31st August 2015

For more information, you can reach us at 6254 0702 or 9732 7302, or drop us an email at hello@celinejessandra.com!


Do also take note that classes will carry on as per normal on the 7th and 8th of August, Friday and Saturday.

The school will be closed on the 9th and 10th of August (Sunday and Monday), so there will be no classes on those two days!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy National Day and long weekend ahead :D

<3, CJ

Like Sugar and Daydream in a Case

Happy to be sharing with you something simple but pretty for a start. :)

Having chanced upon @traceryshop while doing my rounds on instagram, I was immediately drawn by the pretty colours and as one never needs a reason to shop..

I'm not typically a fan of bling, preferring mostly low key pieces. 
I am however, excited to share more about these glitter cases from @Traceryshop whose owner, Baifern (her nickname, all Thais have nicknames, which I didn't know until Clement gave all of us the 101 on Thailand recently) gets hands on and goes the extra mile in personalizing tech cases for her customers.

Her instagram feed showcases the vast array of colours and designs that she offers. After talking to her, I found out that she personalizes the colours used, and is also able to customize the design. A red based laptop case, could also be fused with hot pink glitter and flecks of purple and gold, to give a more multi-dimensional look. 

When I showed the girls and Clement (my colleagues and crew at CJ), the first question they posed, was if "the glitter would get everywhere and therefore cause a mess?" 
"No." I deadpanned. They really need to shop more. 

When placing your order, tell Baifern the font you want (she will also send you a few choices) and what I like most about her service is that the cases came neatly bubble wrapped and in zip lock packets even before I knew their tracking number. :)  

Here's a look at some of her bestsellers! 


Her cases are priced (in my opinion), very reasonably, given the amount of work that goes into the construction of a case. 

::: Prices :::
* Phone Case * (different brand cases are available)
a. case with glitter only (no name)               12-20 SGD
b. clear case + name | word(s)                       26 SGD
c. case with glitter + name | word(s)             28 SGD

* Macbook Glitter Case *
Pro / Air / Retina / The new macbooks

11 inch 52 SGD
12 inch 52 SGD
13 inch 54 SGD
15 inch 55 SGD

To add a name | word(s)  + 4 SGD

Shipping not included. 

1 - 3 days for phone case
2 - 4 days for macbook case
(She usually sends within 7-14 business days after payment confirmation due to large order numbers.)

According to Baifern, her popular colours are: Pink glitter, Hologram glitter, Galaxy glitter and dark Silver glitter ka. :) 

If you're not a fan of the red tones, she's got options for everyone in almost every colour! Her instagram feed is a great place for referencing designs and colours! 

You can visit her Instagram shop: @traceryshop | www.instagram.com/traceryshop

To place an order, you can drop her a message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Traceryshop)  or text her on LINE. She speaks good english, so communication has so far been a smooth process!  

 Baifern! Tracery Shop's owner! 

All our readers will be able to get 10% their purchases!  Simply quote "ShopwithCelineJessandra" when placing your order!

Happy Shopping! :) 


Her orders in varying colours.

Photo Credits: @traceryshop

Disclaimer: I paid for my cases and this is not a paid blog post. I loved her cases and wanted to share them with all our readers at celinejessandra.com. :)


CJ's Open House 2015 took place on the 21st of June this year, and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our enthusiastic students and our hardworking performing crew, Lazarus, for their help in making our Open House a success!

Things were off to a bright and early start at 11am in the morning with our Kids Dance workshop! Together with Teacher Ms Riana, the kids got their blood pumping and body grooving to a simple but energetic dance routine. We had many new faces in the class, but despite their initial shyness, they managed to have fun and dance along freely to the music. After getting all warmed up from dancing, the kids headed off to our vocal classroom for a Vocal for Kids workshop with Teacher Xin Li.

One of our new initiatives here at CJ! Vocals has been an integral part of our course structure and we are now introducing vocal classes for kids! Our Kids Vocal instructor, in addition to her wide vocal knowledge, also specializes in early childhood education! We hope both workshops managed to spark a longer-lasting interest in singing, dancing and the performing arts!

Kids Dance workshop with Riana!
Young love is in the air~

When I grow up, I want to be this tall!
Dance and Vocal workshops were conducted non-stop throughout the day, and the school was kept bustling with non-stop activity. Our instructors had a long day of teaching and performing but the students' enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning was infectious and made all our workshops, be it dance or vocal, fun-filled and energetic!

Hip Hop workshop with Jojo!
Feeling the music.
"Easing Vocal Strain" workshop with Clement!
Do Re Mi~
The highlight of the day for many of our students was the performance showcase put on by our very own student performing crew, Lazarus!

Over the 2 weeks leading up to Open House, evenings here at CJ were busy with students, pockets of vocalists harmonising and rehearsing with one another, and small groups of dancers playing music over their phones and working on their moves. So many different sounds and music playing simultaneously, all fighting to be heard, but the excitement and camaraderie in the air brought it all together into a chaotic but pleasant cacophony.

CJ is where many of our Lazarus crew members first got to know one another, and it is in our humble studio and school that they have spent hours together sweating it out and/or belting it out in their dance and vocal classes respectively. For Lazarus' first project together to have been CJ's Open House was a very poignant and fitting occurrence, and we hope this will be a lasting memory for them.

Charissa, Andrea, Cheryl and Stella belting it out to "Chandelier"
Xin Li, Sheree and Alicia performing Taetiseo's Love Sick
Presenting...dancers from Lazarus!

The performance showcase ended with a short item by our Chief Vocal Instructor, Clement, and the Caius Coalition, the official dance crew of CJ's entertainment arm, Caius Lauren Entertainment (CLE). The crew performed a medley of songs choreographed by our very own resident instructor and CLE artiste, Jojo!

Clement bringing us a song from the Land of Smiles
CJ's resident dance instructor Jojo! 

The Caius Coalition

Watch Caius Coalition in action! 

There were many new faces present at CJ that day, as well as several old regulars we've missed seeing here, and together with all our currently active students, it felt like such an amazing congregation of past, present and future. CJ has grown to become like a second home to many of our students, and we hope this would be the case for any new additions to the CJ family!


Announcement: Change of Name - Celine Jessandra Universal Co.

Dear Students and Friends of CJ, 

Thank you for singing, dancing and allowing us to entertain you these past 8 years and for being such an imperative part of our growth, family and the arts. As we progress forward, it is with great pleasure that we, Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts, would like to announce that we will henceforth be known as Celine Jessandra Universal Co. 

The name change is to align our brand with our expanding business opportunities. We will continue to bring you improved courses and entertainment. We look forward to your continual support as our valued customers.

Thank you.

Management of Celine Jessandra Universal Co.

Celine Jessandra Universal Co. - Open House 2015 [PUBLIC EVENT]


the dancers from Caius Talents will be performing at the Open House event this coming Sunday! 

FREE Trial Workshops, EXCITING Promotional Packages and PERFORMANCES by our student crew, Instructors and Caius Talents (formerly known as the CJ Crew)! Check out our Program Lineup for the day!

For more information on our Kids Workshop, please click the here: CJ Kids Workshops [Open House]

OPEN TO PUBLIC. Everyone very much welcome to join us!

There are lots of Special Promotions only available on Open House day! Come alone (and make friends!) or grab your friends (we have referral promos available!) and come check out our promotions!

CJ Open House Performance Teaser(s)!

A video posted by Celine Jessandra (@celinejessandra) on

To register your slots for our Open House workshops, drop us an email: hello@celinejessandra.com or Call us at 6254 0702 | 9732 7302!

See you there!

CJ Fam.

[PROMO] CJ Referral Program - The More The Merrier!

Great things are meant to be shared! 

Our referral program will commence this 21st of June, Sunday, as part of our Open House promotions! 

Enjoy discounts off any of our courses when signing up with friends who are new to CJ (: 

They say the more the merrier, so wait no longer. Grab a friend and head down to our studios today!


[KIDS] New Classes + Free Workshops on Open House Day!

Dear Parents,

We're bringing to you NEW Kids Classes in the month of July!

Younger Kids (age 5-7) - Sunday 2pm
Tweens Kpop (age 8-12) - Thursday 4.30pm

Along with our current ongoing Open Class every Saturday 2pm, we are happy to offer more options and flexibility for you and your child to embark on their dance journey with us at CJ!

Your child will...
- Learn basic Hip Hop groove and technique
- Develop their sense of rhythm and musicality
- Build confidence in expressing themselves creatively through body movements

If this is your child's first time dancing, these new classes are a great place for them to start!

For more information, drop us an email at hello@celinejessandra.com or call us at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302! 


FREE workshops @ CJ Open House, 21st June, Sunday!

We're offering FREE Kids Dance / Vocals workshops during our Open House!

Date: 21st June, Sunday
Venue: Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts
Address: 177B Thomson Road (Level 3)
Goldhill Centre, S(307625)

Workshops Available: 
FREE Kids Dance [Workshop] - 11am
FREE Intro to Kids Vocals [Workshop] - 12pm
FREE Intro to Kids Vocals [Workshop] - 3pm

To reserve a slot, drop us an email at hello@celinejessandra.com, or call us at 6254 0702 /  9732 7302! 

On-Day Promotions!
Tweens / Younger Kids Class Package: 10 sessions over 12 weeks - $98 (U.P $118)

This promotion is available only for sign-ups on Open House day itself, and is applicable to our currently ongoing [Saturday 2pm] class, as well as the 2 new classes commencing in July [Thursday 4pm] and [Sunday 2pm]!

[PARTNERS] iSpeak Korean x Celine Jessandra

Dear CJ students!

We're happy to announce our partnership with "iSpeak Korean", a Korean Language Learning Centre offering both academic and conversational courses for the Korean language!

For all CJ students, "iSpeak Korean" is offering a 10% discount for their courses! All you have to do is present your Celine Jessandra student card before signing up (:

Present your Celine Jessandra student card to get the 10% discount! 

iSpeak Korean is also kindly offering FREE TRIAL LESSONS next week!

The dates for the trial lessons are as below:

11 June Thursday 7:20~8:20pm

14 June Sunday 2:00~3:00pm

To register, please visit their website: www.ispeak.com.sg/free-trial-lesson/ 

and Type "CJ" in the comment section of the registration form to identify yourselves as CJ students! 

More background information on "iSpeak Korean":

Click to visit their website!

"  "iSpeak Korean" was set up by professional native Korean teachers with years of experience teaching in National University of Singapore (NUS), NUS Extension (NEX) and Korean Tour Organization. 
Our lessons are lively and entertaining, with good use of multimedia and advanced methods of instruction. 
We stimulate and evoke studentís senses, to see, listen and speak. We believe that engaging your senses with a tinge of humor is the most effective methodology.  
Our school located in the most convenient location at the heart of Singapore with conducive classroom environment. 

It's just 8 mins from City Hall MRT and 5 mins from Clarke Quay MRT.

Come and join us today! "

iSpeak Korean Language Centre

Visit http://www.ispeak.com.sg or call 9117 5805 for more information!